Addressing Fundamental Issues by Advancing Justice Through Legal Aid Raised by the Campaign for Justice

The six providers that the Campaign for Justice supports provide legal aid to an average of 30,000 adults and children annually since 2004 when the Campaign was founded.

With a state population just over 1.3 million, the likelihood that you know someone who has been helped through legal aid is high. It could be someone in your church, the person who mows your lawn, the child on your son's soccer team, the man who checks your groceries, the cousin of a colleague, or the relative of a friend.  We are a small, connected state.

While the Campaign is just one of the funding sources for access to justice in Maine, it is one of the most stable sources the providers can count on. The Campaign's volunteers ask you to reflect on the thousands of families the six legal aid providers have helped in the Campaign’s existence and the direct impact of the Campaign on such basic matters as:

*Reducing homelessness and saving homes.
*Providing food security.
*Keeping people employed.
*Protecting the educational rights of children.
*Representing families experiencing domestic violence.
*Defending the elderly against fraud.
*Securing essential health care.
*Helping families, students, and workers navigate
    immigration laws.
*Advocating for those with low income in the shaping of
    laws and policies affecting them.
*Upholding  the rights and duties fundamental to the health
    of our democracy.